Recruiting from the comfort of your Notion.

Manage your recruitment, hiring and careers page from Notion. Jobly turns your company's Notion into the ATS and recruitment hub you're looking for.

Jobly turns your Notion into an ATS and recruiting hub


Manage your company's hiring within Notion

Jobly lets you skip the expensive ATS and manage your recruitment, hiring, and careers website from Notion β€” a tool your company already uses and loves.


Native application forms

Every job listing has a built-in application form, so applicants can apply directly, instead of via email or another form service.


Easy collaboration

Take advantage of the collaboration features built into Notion to work with your team to manage your careers page.


Custom domains

Place your Jobly page on your company domain for a professional look, such as


Per-page analytics

Each job listing in your Jobly board supports tracks pageviews, letting you see how many people are visiting your job board.


Automatic job board

Jobly automatically creates a job board and places it at the bottom of your company careers page.


Simple progress tracking

Using the tools already built into Notion, Jobly helps you track your applicants as they progress through your hiring process.

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Duplicate the template

Duplicate our ready-made Notion template to get up and running fast


Customize & Create

Customize your template with your content and create your job listings


Make it public

Connect your template to Jobly, and start managing your hiring from inside Notion

Available to pre-order, ending soon.

Typical ATS and recruitment software can cost more than $600/month.

By pre-ordering Jobly, you're supporting the development and getting first access to simplified ATS and recruiting software for Notion.


Pre-order to join the beta, then receive 3 months free on public release.


    During the beta, get -
  • Unlimited job listings
  • Unlimited pageview tracking
  • Unlimited applicant responses
  • Company careers website
  • Connect a custom domain (
  • Early access to a Notion hiring platform and ATS
  • Support the development of an indie software company
  • Influence the development of the product
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Some questions you might have...

You probably have loads of questions about Jobly, pre-ordering, and the launch. We've tried to answer a few of them below for you.

    • When will Jobly launch?

      Jobly is expected to launch in a limited beta by January 2023.

    • What happens once I pre-order Jobly?

      After you've pre-ordered Jobly, we'll get in contact with you and add you to a special mailing list. You will be contacted when the limited beta goes live, and will receive dedicated instructions to get setup.

    • Are refunds available?

      We want you to be fully satisfied with our product. If you're not, you can reach out during the first 30 days of your beta access to get your money back.

    • Why are you charging so little to pre-order Jobly?

      We're offering a limited-time discount on pre-orders to find our initial customers, and to try and gather as much feedback on Jobly as possible.

    • Who is building Jobly?

      Jobly is bootstrapped indie software, built by me β€” Harrison Broadbent

    • I still have more questions!

      If you still have more questions, please contact us..